Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Classroom Jobs - Less is More

When I first began teaching first grade, I had about fifteen different jobs in the classroom, which was honestly impossible to manage.  Although I wanted to get as many students involved, some of the jobs were not needed to begin with and other jobs were not needed as frequently. It was an epic fail. So the following year, I consolidated the jobs to these trusty six! Two children per job, new assignments every week. I decided I rather have certain children really own their jobs for a week, every two to three weeks, than to try to assign a job to EVERY student EVERY week and lose track of who is responsible for what.

If you are asking - don't you need a messenger to deliver notes? Supply manager to sharpen pencils? Chair monitor to push in chairs? Filers to file for you? My answer to you - that's why you have a "Teacher Helper"! More realistic than having 2982734 helpers for 23402923 different things.

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