Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Whole Class Reward System: Marbles in a Jar

This is one of the simplest ways to compliment good behavior, especially in the first few weeks of school. Whenever the children do a spectacular job as a whole class - like transitioning quietly, lining up quickly, working independently, or getting a compliment from another teacher - I select one child to go put five marbles in the jar. Sometimes I have them put more when I am impressed with their behavior.

Once the children fill up the jar, they can choose any party they want. I usually make a list of party ideas suggested by the children and we vote on one! Some of the past parties have included:
  • Movie & Popcorn Party
  • Ice Cream Party
  • Pizza Party
  • Arts & Crafts Party
  • Reading Party (with pillows)
  • Extra Recess Party
  • PJ Party (with cookies and milk)
  • Board Game Party
I'm sure there are plenty more. Leave it up to the kids, and they will come up with something! This not only encourages positive behavior, but it also teaches them to work together to reach a common goal.

In the next few entries, I will discuss table rewards and individual rewards, so stay tuned.

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