Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Word Wall Pocket Charts

As elementary school teachers, we all know the importance of having a Word Wall in the classroom. It is most useful for children during writing time, when they use it as a resource to spell high-frequency words. Although the purpose of a Word Wall is all the same, how to set it up in a classroom varies from one teacher to another.

I have seen teachers use tape to put up words on a wall/window/board, and I have seen teachers use velcro or magnets.  This all works well, but this summer I discovered a new way of setting up a Word Wall - using pocket charts!

These small pocket charts cost $1 at Target (find it at the dollar section). Unlike taping/velcro-ing/magnet-ing, this way is simple and affordable. Taping words is too much hassle (and you ran out of tape rather quickly); velcros and magnets are expensive, not to mention visually unappealing.  With pockets charts, you can just slide in the pre-laminated and pre-made words  without a hassle! Plus, it looks colorful if you alternate colors.

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